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Predecessor (Wuhan) Geophysics and Geomatics, China University of Geosciences Institute is the Beijing Institute of Geology Prospecting Geophysics Department, is one of the first four departments early school. 1952 internationally renowned geophysicist Professor Fu Chengyi (Chinese Academy of Sciences elected in 1957) employed the auspices of the preparatory work, the same year began to train the first batch of undergraduate students, many domestic famous geophysicist, such as Fu Chengyi academician, academician Qin Ling Xin, Weng Wenbo Academy , who Rongsheng academician, academicians and Gu Gongxu academician Liu Guangding all have been taught in our hospital. In 1975 the school moved to Wuhan, and in May 2003 officially changed its name to "(Wuhan) Geophysics and Geomatics, China University of Geosciences.

Geophysics and Geomatics School is a college office, Department of Applied Geophysics, Solid Geophysics Department of Information Science and Technology Department of Earth, "Earth Exploration and Information Technology," Experimental Teaching Center; one university Institute: Imaging the Earth's Interior two hospital-level research institute; Institute of detection: Institute of Geophysics Energy, Geospatial Information Institute.

The existing staff of 75 people, including 53 teachers, laboratory technicians 11 people, ideological and political teachers and administrative staff of 11 people. Teachers have distinguished academicians people (Liu Guangding academician, academician Yang Wencai), double post academician (Jin Zhenmin academician), "thousands of people plan" Professor 1 (Professor Xia Jianghai)